The North West SCITT programme is focused on producing highly effective, fully qualified teachers.

Our year-long innovative school-led model will give you the skills and experience needed to find a teaching position in Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), Key Stage 1, Key Stage 2 or specialist provision for children with SEN/D


To deliver the highest quality ITE programme for our Trainee Teachers.  We strive to nurture creative talents and produce strong and resilient teachers who are ready and equipped to meet the demands of the 21st century classroom, inspiring and motivating future learners whilst safeguarding their mental and physical wellbeing. We aim to ensure that our trainee teachers, enter the workplace as confident Early Career Teachers who are well prepared to meet the needs (educational, social, physical and emotional) of the children in their care.  Our vision is that our programme serves the needs of each and every trainee teacher, within the context of our ITT partnership, future proofing the workforce of schools within and beyond the alliance.

ITT Curriculum Intent

North West SCITT considers that by providing up-to-date education and training, informed by relevant research which is integrated with extended school-based training placements, trainee teachers have the opportunity to develop knowledge of and skills to develop their classroom practice and teaching competencies and wider responsibilities expected of teachers over time.  Trainee teachers will gain knowledge of potential barriers to learning and learn how to apply adaptive teaching strategies to effectively meet the needs of learners from a range of backgrounds including those who live in areas of socio-economic disadvantage as well as children with special educational needs, disability, EAL or social and emotional barriers to learning. Trainees will be immersed in schools that employ a range of theories of teaching and learning; they will examine child development and be challenged to apply their growing knowledge of how pupils learn to select pedagogically suitable approaches to their curriculum delivery over time.

Knowledge of:

Statutory curricula including PNC and EYFS
Statutory frameworks including Keeping Children Safe in Schools, SEND Code
of Practice and Equalities Act 2010.
Progression in subjects across key stages
Effective pedagogy for age and stage of learning
Effective assessment to support pupil progress
Inclusive practices including children with EAL, SpLD, Disability, Pupil
Current theories and research associate with teaching and learning
Impact of barriers to learning, poor mental health, ACES on learners.
External specialist agencies or organisations to support high quality provision

Skills to:

Be resilient and self-reliant teachers
Manage behaviour for learning and create an ethos for positive learning
Employ high quality and effective pedagogical approaches to secure progress
Adapt teaching effectively to meet needs of all learners including those with
specific learning needs
Devise and delivery a creative curriculum to secure pupil progress
Be an accurate communicator
Manage own workload and work life balance and manage own mental health and
promote positive mindset and wellbeing for learners.
Self-reflect and self-research to improve own knowledge/skills.

ITT Curriculum Implementation

During our training period, we will use a number of interconnected and sequential mechanisms to support the development of our trainees’ knowledge and skills including:

  • Centre based training led by Expert Practitioners

  • School based training led by expert mentors

  • Competency coaching led by link tutors

  • Online learning and self-study

ITT Curriculum Impact

The impact of our curriculum provision, will be evident by the confidence and competency demonstrated by our trainees as they enter their first teaching post and remain in the profession, making a difference to the life chances of children they teach.

"Through our excellent partnership with 24 schools across the North West region, we're able to provide students with effective mentorship and real world experience that translates into real success."