What our students say...

Testimonials 2023-24 Cohort

Joshua Fisher

After teaching as an assistant language teacher for three years in Japan, I found myself back in the U.K. wondering what I wanted to do with my life. I found myself missing the teaching that I had dipped my toes into in Japan. After successfully getting onto the NW Shares SCITT course and starting my training, I discovered just how shallow my knowledge of pedagogy was. I believe discovering something new, or drawing together prior knowledge to make sense of something new is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Since joining the course, I’ve had many of those moments! The training days are led by enthusiastic experts in their fields who genuinely inspire you to grow. It’s fascinating reflecting on my lessons from when I was in Japan, and how useful my newly acquired knowledge about teaching would have been. SCITT isn’t just about great training sessions, it’s all about getting hands on experience with the guidance of a mentor. My mentor is a wonderful teacher both to me and the children, and I have learned so much even in these first few months. It’s a wake-up call- there is so much to learn and practise, but the rewards are fantastic.

Jonathan Ashton

I’ve just completed my first half term as an Associate Teacher and I cannot put into words how relieved I’ve been that choosing North West SCITT was the right decision for me. I feel like I’ve learned an imperative level of information already! The support I’ve received from the course leaders, external expert tutors and my experienced classroom teacher, I feel that I’m in the right hands to continue on my teaching journey. I’m never short of vital advice and support from these kind, caring professionals who are more than happy to help and pass on their years of experience. The hands on, in-school approach is really suited to my way of learning, I’m learning things far beyond what you’ll learn in a lecture theatre; it’s preparing you for real teaching life! I’ve been fully immersed into my day to day school life, building relationships with teachers and school staff, confidently delivering my own planned lessons and even attending extra curricular school activities like our sports competitions, school fayres and the famous Christmas play (and no, it’s not too early!) 

With our weekly SCITT meetings, you get the opportunity to catch up with the rest of your cohort and see how everyone else is getting on at their placements and hearing them also grow and develop along their own teaching journey. It’s such a feel-good, high energy place to learn where everyone feels supported, appreciated and proud to be part of the SCITT cohort 23/24!

Amy Griffin

I am two months into the course and so far, it has been extremely enjoyable and rewarding. I have been immersed into a school environment enabling me to put recently taught theories into practice in the classroom. I settled into my placement school in no time getting fully involved in school life including extra-curricular activities. It can be challenging and I was apprehensive about teaching phonics as it is not something that I was familiar with. However, with help and support from my tutors and mentors, I now lead my own phonics sessions which is vital for my career in the future. I could not recommend this course more.

Leah Davies

As I near the end of my first term as a trainee teacher with North-West SCITT,  I can honestly say training with the SCITT programme has been the best decision I have made for my future as a teacher. I was aware of the programme as my children attended school in one the placement schools and I was delighted to be offered a place - surprisingly the interview process was not as gruelling as I expected - more a chance to find out about each other! Weekly training sessions with subject specialists provide me with background knowledge and you also receive great support from the curriculum team and your class mentor throughout the course, which has been extremely valuable to me. Through term 1, I have gained invaluable hands-on experience using the classroom as a learning environment. As a result, I have been able to implement classroom practices into my own teaching - this experience has been an integral part of my learning journey.  After meeting the other trainees and the SCITT team on my first day in September, any nerves I may have had were left at the door, everyone has been so welcoming and supportive and I have enjoyed every minute since, I've also made so many friends along the way. I would genuinely recommend this course to anyone looking into teaching in the future.